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4G Series 7

The 4G Loud Speaking phone features solar power, is simple to install and has the benefit of remote programming and testing. It is Australian designed to maximize vandal resistance and weather proof characteristics as well as maximise flexibility to customise product to suit customer’s requirements. Options to rent or buy are easily tailored to suit client needs. With a wide range of applications such as: – Public events, crime hotspots,  busy urban areas,  universities,  roadside,  parks,  remote areas and concerts, this phone is a pivotal security and emergency tool.

3G Loud Speaking Solar Powered Telephone

Series 6

The Series 6 has performed as the flagship model with over 10,000 units deployed worldwide and annual sales averaging in excess of 1500 units. A robust outdoor telephone that can withstand the harshest weather conditions. These phones are highly vandal resistant and ideal for deployment in public areas. Available in various options, all with features that included: – rugged marine grade alloy case, powder coated UV rated polyester finish, weatherproof and dust proof, vandal resistant. armoured cord, ruggedised metal alpha-numeric keypad, self closing door, reflective phone symbol label, lightning and surge protection, DTMF/Decadic dialling and line powered.


The Dritel loudspeaking telephone is highly vandal resistant and weatherproof with a robust stainless steel face that can be custom designed. It can be used on train station platforms, in the carriages, as gate or door entries and in lifts and high rises among others.

Dritel Loudspeaking phone models showing the Automatic, the phone and the CB pad
Dritel emergency phone accessories

Accessories / Spare Parts

Dritel also provides accessories with all phone products in the form of options or extras and spare parts. These products can be ordered alongside the phones or they may be purchased afterwards. The majority of these products are manufactured on site in our factory under strict quality control.