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Dritel Emergency Telephones

KJ Precision Engineering has been designing and manufacturing the Dritel range of Emergency and Outdoor Telephones for over 30 years. In addition to a large range of standard products, we specialise in provision of purpose specific communication solutions tailored to the needs of the client.

KJ Precision Engineering has been a family run business since its inception in 1960. All of our products designed and manufactured in Brisbane Australia to the highest quality, meeting or exceeding all applicable Australian and Overseas standards.

We have built our reputation on quality products and reliable and prompt service to all our clients. As a result our Dritel products are the preferred choice for many Governments and Service Providers both in Australia and abroad.

Our Dritel range is in operation throughout Australia and South East Asia on highways as Roadside Help phones, on railway lines as Signal Post Telephones, on mine sites and energy plants along with countless other applications.

The Dritel range enjoys an unsurpassed reputation for service and back-up with some of our phones still in operation today after more than 35 years of service.

For KJ Precision Engineering, after 50 years of operation we are proud of our reputation for engineering excellence and high quality products.

Dritel is synonymous with reliability and backup in Emergency Telephones.

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