Series 7 Satellite Telephone



for the Iridium network

Communication anywhere in the world

Remote areas with extreme climates

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Dritel Series 7 Satellite Telephone



A custom designed satellite phone used on a remote highway in NSW

High-quality voice terminal for the Iridium network

The Dritel Series7 Satellite phone provides secure voice communications anywhere in the world. Versatile Ethernet port allows network connectivity for global satellite data transfer and remote system control. With 38 years of Emergency Telephone design and manufacture Dritel know how to meet the rigorous requirements of remote area communications.

Features and Benefits:

  • Broadband Data
    Enhanced data capabilities using Ethernet infrastructure and real-time and historical diagnostic logs.
  • Voice Services
    Extended voice links with POTS interface, and supports pre-paid and post-paid cards.
  • SMS
    Colour-coded incoming and outgoing messaging, and automatic system status messaging.
  • Application
    Remote areas with extreme climates such as Roadside, Railways, National Parks, Mine sites and Emergency services.
  • Easy Installation
    Phone can be assembled, installed,and running within 20 minutes
  • Global Coverage
    Truly global mobile satellite voice and data coverage including the Polar Regions.

This  Satellite Emergency Beacon, made for Life Savers Qld is on a treacherous, remote and yet popular beach on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.

Detail of Dritel Emergency Satellite Telephone

Satellite Emergency Telephone Solar Panel and Antenna.

Satellite emergency phone

Dritel Series 7 Satellite Telephone for global mobile satellite voice and data coverage.

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