Case Studies: Major Customers and Projects

Queensland and Victoria Main Roads – Roadside Emergency Help Phones

Dritel is the approved and preferred supplier of Emergency Help Phones for Qld and Vic main roads departments. These customers have been purchasing the Dritel products through Roadtek, Tyco and independent contractors for over 25 years. Many of the units supplied in the early contracts are still in service today, which attests to their quality. A quote from Tyco Traffic and Transportation in Victoria reads,

“We find the Dritel Emergency Help Phones to be extremely reliable. They are placed in areas that are exposed to extreme weather conditions and exposed to frequent attempts at vandalism by the public. Reliability is one of the phones stronger features.”

A recent project was the supply of Emergency Help Telephones for the Gateway upgrade project through Visionstream Australia. Approximately 300 Dritel Phones will be used in this upgrade over a 2 year period.

A quote from a Senior works officer with Roadtek of Queensland Main Roads.

“In my opinion, the Dritel phones are very reliable phones, they are very good, they work well and we don’t have any problems with them”


“We get good service from KJ Precision Engineering, we have no problems with them, my staff don’t have complaints either, not one complaint, not one”.

South East Asian Projects

KTMB Malaysia Signal Post Telephones

Dritel is the approved supplier of SPT’s for the Dual track railway project in Malaysia. 400 units were used on the first section of track followed by another 220 units.


Indonesia Resignalling Rail Project

Field tests and trials of the Dritel telephones were carried out in Indonesia in order to ensure their suitability in high temperature, humidity, rainfall and insect infestation by Zetron Australasia. The phones successfully passed all the tests and more than 200 units were sent for the Cirebon-Kroya-Yogyakarta Rail project.

Dritel telephones have also been exported to The Philippines for a highway project, to Thailand Rail, Singapore Rail, the light rail project in KL Malaysia and to mines in Fiji to name a few.

Queensland, Australia

Police, Ambulance and Fire Brigade – Emergency Help

Queensland Police and Emergency Services have used our quality products as their emergency help units for their unmanned stations since 1995. A quote from Telephone Coordination Branch of the Qld Police service states,

“We have found the Dritel product to be extremely reliable and also robust and vandal resistant. KJ Precision Engineering has always been prompt, efficient and client focused when dealing with maintenance requests, with their supply and delivery being very reliable.”