Custom Design

As our Dritel telephones are designed, drawn and manufactured in our Brisbane factory, KJ precision Engineering is able to custom design your communication requirements to suit your job and specifications.

We can provide our phones in many communication styles including:

  • VoIP
  • Satellite
  • 4G
  • Ethernet
  • Analogue

We can supply these phones as:

  • Door Stations
  • Lift Emergency Phones
  • Gate Stations
  • Rail Carriage and Station Phones
  • Hospital and surgery theatre phones in theatre grade stainless steel
  • Taxi Rank telephones

Our phones also come with many options such as:

  • CCTV
  • Flashing Safety lights
  • GPS Tracking
  • Custom designed locks
  • Remote testing

Custom Railway Phone System

Custom Railway Phones

This custom railway unit was supplied to KTMB (Malaysian Rail) with a specific square drive lock. It has a timed hang-up feature and was delivered with a vandal resistant die-cast pole mounting bracket.

Loudspeaking Satellite

These loudspeaking outdoor phones can be placed in the harsh Australian outback, powered by a solar panel and equipped with a satellite dish for excellent coverage.

Radio beacon fitted with GPS

Beach Emergency Unit

This radio beacon fitted with GPS is used by life savers on beaches that are unmanned. This essential, life-saving system is soon to be placed on all hazardous and popular beaches to assist life savers in their duties.

4G Solar Powered Emergency Outdoor Phone

Our 4G solar powered system can be used in remote areas. This one is positioned on Rottnest Island off the W.A coast for the safety of hikers and cyclists.

Satellite or 4G Solar Powered Emergency Telephones

These 2 Emergency Telephones have been made for Life Savers Queensland and have already proven invaluable in saving lives. The areas are popular but have minimal access on North Stradbroke Island. These phones are 4G with extended range antennas. They will work where normal mobile phone reception is unreliable.