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4G Loud Speaking Solar Powered Emergency Telephone


The Dritel 4G Series 7 Loud Speaking Telephone being proudly Australian designed and manufactured is engineered to meet exacting specifications for safe and correct operation. Dritel believe service and backup of all products is paramount. With this in mind the features developed contribute significantly to the service quality.

This phone is designed to be installed by one person under the 20 minute time frame required for the roadsides of major freeways and highways, so traffic control is not needed.

It is able to be remote tested simply by your own mobile phone or by desk top computer if many phones are to be tested regularly.

Key features include:

  • Designed to maximize vandal resistance and weather proof characteristics
  • Self diagnostics and automatic reporting
  • Marine-grade aluminium construction
  • UV-rated powder coating with custom colours
  • One person installation and ease of servicing
  • Flexibility to customise product to suit customer’s requirements
  • VoIP option available
  • Can be optioned with a public address system.

Certificates and approval

  • Queensland Transport and Main Roads Department has issued Type Approval for the Dritel Series 7 4G Loud Speaker phone ( View Certificate )
  • VicRoads has approved the use of the phone for VicRoads projects.  The VicRoads Approval number is PA 030 317.  This approval extends to the 3G retrofit arrangement designed for use in VicRoads existing 2G help phones.


  • Simple to install

    One person installation and ease of servicing

  • Remote programming and testing

    Self diagnostics and automatic reporting

  • Rent or Buy

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Specialised battery

Introducing our newly manufactured and specialised LifePO4 Battery which measures 127 mm Long x 36 mm High x 66 mm Wide. It comes with its own solar internal regulator. This battery is capable of achieving 30 “dark” days  in a row with our  4G  phones.  Given the around 5 times service life of these batteries compared to SLA batteries, this means greater reliability and a huge reduction to ongoing maintenance costs. These batteries are also very cost effective.
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